Plan your maintenance monthly! This is recommended to keep your energies and spirit in check. I have noticed that with regular sessions, clients have little to no health crises:)

Why let things build when you can check in monthly? This is gives you a 15% discount on one session per month. AND I can send a code for 10% off if you feel you need more than one session per month.

You will get a reminder email 7 days before your next charge and you can cancel at any time. 

Wild Hunt

In many traditions world-over there are stories of Wild Hunts. In the Norse traditions they are typically around Yule. Yet Gayle and Sarah have been led by our helping spirits to utilize the Wild Hunt for healing. In these sessions, we find that unenmeshed beings get carried out, any non-supportive energies leave our fields and we are left with our energies uplifted. Your presence is not required, Sarah and Gayle work through this so you can carry on with your day/night/life.

This special event happens every month on First Thursdays.