Welcome:) Sarah does Energy Work and Spirit Work to create space for healing, flow and overall ease in one’s life. In many sessions we she works together with the client over Zoom to find areas in life that need to be re-aligned with energies and fields that have a negative impact. In other sessions she works offline while the client rests and practices energy work to get the client into what is referred to “The Stillpoint.” Sarah has found that healing occurs more easily and effortlessly the more time she or her clients rests in the stillness. Once the nervous system is “offline,” the rest of the body has time to readjust energies and heal. If we look at our whole selves, we have Physical, Mental, Emotional, Energy and Spirit bodies. We have the most vibrant lives if we are tending to each of these bodies with intention and even better by working professionals that are specialized in different health modalities.

What this Sarah DOES DO:

*bring a sense of peace

*quiets small thoughts or excessive or obsessive thoughts allowing the client to focus on discernment and what truly matters

*offers a felt sense of expansion enabling the client to create new positive patterns

*provides a break or even ends negative patterns

*mentorship for energy and spirits

*mentorship on energetics for self or groups

These modalities are to work on a person’s energy and spirit aspects. Just as you stretch, drink water and nourish your body, the same needs to happen for your energy and spirit pieces.

What Sarah DOES NOT DO:

*psychotherapy or mental/emotional health counseling

*do crisis care, last minute appointments are a rarity and these appointments don’t work as well if a client is feeling activates, frustrated and irritable about their ailments

*guarantee a cure-there is a difference between a cure and a healing and while spontaneous healings do occur, it is not a given

*offer refunds, Sarah’s work is her time and know-how, your energy body and spirit get what they need even if your mind overrides


Sarah Moon

Sarah Moon (she/her) began her work in Healing Arts in Seattle as a clinical massage therapist. She began to get curious as to why some people heal quickly and some slowly, and some seem to never heal fully at all. This thread led her to sink below physical and study and sense energy more deeply. She studied Zero Balancing, Chakra Alignment, and Polarity Balancing extensively and continues to do so. After a few profound experiences she began to sink deep into more spirit-based work. Since 2015 she has studied with Shamanic Practitioners and Mediums.

Now living near her hometown in Idaho, her practice is focused on Spirit Work and Energy Work that she calls Elemental Harmony. All modalities are offered remotely at this time.

Her Spirit Workings are usually done as space and land tending and blessings, and psychopomp facilitator in the modality of Compassionate Depossession.

She has had the opportunity to work with many gifted teachers through the years and offers gratitude to Brian Utting and staff, Dawn Schmidt, Dr. Fritz Smith, Maruti Seidman, Susana Dumett, Betsy Bergstrom, Sarah MacLean Bicknell, Ravi Singh, Ana Brett, Johannes Gårdbäck, Andrea Boshbach-Largent as well as various mediums from Lily Dale and Arthur Findlay College and more.