I love supporting practitioners! I have some different options and here are a few: 

Space Tending during a class or client session

I have worked for practitioners that were in need of extra support. In these sessions, I work to ground the space and manage energies or beings that could become distracting. This can make a teaching or session go smoother for the practitioner by leaving them to tend the CLASS or CLIENT more fully and with clarity with out managing the background noise. I have done this both on video calls and off the calls.

Surrogacy work for Compassionate Depossession

In this work, I make contact with the being so that the client does not have to! This can help the client feel more relaxed and supported during the session, Oftentimes the session can give more clarity, move the being along easier, offer the practitioner support, as well as offer more witness to the being and the client for their respective healings.

Set up a Consultation Call and we can see if my skills match your needs!

Other Support

Monthly Elemental Harmony Sessions

In these sessions, I work with Helping Spirits to remove energies, beings and curses out of your field. With your field clear, I encourage your own energies to move in a more optimal flow. I recommend this for any kind of practitioner, anyone energetically sensitive, and/or anyone that works with the public in any way.