I use a blend of all work that I have learned over the years. My work is heavily influenced by Ayurvedic 5 Element Theory as taught through the lens of Polarity Balancing. I also also use tools and philosophies from Shamanism, Zero Balancing, and work heavily with a team of Helping Spirits. All of this bends into my own intuitive gifts of moving energies and seership.

My sessions help support all ailments on all levels-Spiritual, Emotional, Mental and Physical. We explore this by looking at themes, patterns, mindsets and more to find the root of the matter to induce deep and lasting healing. All sessions are remote at this time so as long as our times are a match, you can be anywhere in the world-even if you are asleep at the time of the appointment! 

Once a person books, they send me an email of what they are working on or what needs to be focused on. I do the session at the designated time. After the session, I send an email and/or a voice memo of my session notes along with any messages or instructions from my Helping Spirits.

This style of Spirit Work can be used for

  • Energy Work for Physical and Non-Physical Healing
  • Compassionate Depossession
  • Custom Rituals for Healing
  • Land and Space Clearings

Sarah can also offer assistance with mentorship:

  • Extrasensory Perceptions
  • Talking with Dearly Departed
  • Altar Building
  • Mediumship
  • Energetic Hygiene

All of these offerings are done remotely. Keep in mind that some can and will take multiple sessions. All first sessions will last 75 minutes. All new clients need to schedule a 30 minute complimentary Zoom consult to see if this healing practice is right for you and that I am the right practitioner for you. Bring your questions and I am happy to answer them. This is a non-working call and will be used as a “get to know each other” meet up.