June Mediumship Circle

with Gayle Revels

Argante – Ladies of the Lake

Do you practice conscious mediumship? Want to practice in a group? We are going to be talking to the Ladies of the Lake this month.

The Ladies of the Lake are well known in the Arthurian Legends but they are scattered throughout Northern European Mythology. They are the Sovereignty Goddesses.

Argante is the head of the Ladies of the Lake and often called the Queen of Avalon. She is going to be the main contact for this circle but all 9 of the Ladies will be present: Argante, Nimue, Ennid, Morgan, Kundry, Igraine, Dindrane, Ragnell, and Guinevere.

Please bring any questions you would like to ask Argante and the Ladies of the Lake to the circle.

Hosted by Gayle Revels.  gayle@energyhealingwithspirits.com

$40 – a 2 hour circle